Our puppy training bundle sets you up to have the best possible adult dog; well adjusted, well behaved and confident. What your puppy experiences when they are young will affect them for the rest of their lives.

Adult Dog

Are you struggling with your adult dog’s behaviour? Are walks becoming more of a chore than a pleasure? Have you just rehomed a dog who needs to learn manners? Then basic manners classes can help you.


Does your dog bark and lunge at other dogs? Has your dog snapped at you when you have tried to take something away from them?
Does your dog destroy things when left alone?


Whether you have just acquired a puppy or rescue dog, have done little or no training, or you feel your adult dog could do with brushing up their existing skills, Dedicated to Dogs can help you.

About Dedicated To Dogs

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I have owned and loved dogs for as long as I can remember. When the time came to decide what to study at University it was obvious; it would revolve around dogs. I chose to study Animal Behaviour and Welfare at Bishop Burton College, graduating in 2012 with an honours degree.

Alongside this, I also worked at a local rescue kennels taking dogs in from the general public as well as the local pound. This gave me experience working hands-on with a huge variety of dogs of many different breeds with a wide array of problems. From basic training issues, such as pulling on the lead and jumping up, to complex behavioural issues, including aggression and abnormal repetitive behaviours. This fed my love for understanding canine behaviour and my thirst to expand my knowledge.

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Really easy to talk to about the issues I have with our dog. I would recommend Tamsin to anyone who needed a bit of help. Continue Reading

Charlotte Moon, May 25, 2015