One to One Training

One to One Training

Does a classroom environment make you or your dog anxious? Does your schedule change, so weekly classes aren’t possible? Would you like to focus on a few behaviours in more detail? You and your dog can learn in the comfort of your own home.

One to One training is perfect for anyone who has just bought a puppy or rescue dog home. We can help settle them into their new surroundings and nip any problem behaviours in the bud, creating a strong foundation to continue developing your relationship.

All my training is based on positive, reward-based techniques. This technique will give you the behaviours you ultimately want from your dog, increase your understanding of your dog and strengthen your bond with them.

One-to-One training takes place in your home or in the outside world. To begin with, I will attend your home and get an understanding of your needs, what problems you are having and what motivates your dog. In the first session we will begin to put together a plan and start basic training exercises.

We can cover a lot in our sessions and it can be hard to remember all the details, so after every session, comprehensive training notes will be emailed to you. This way you have something to look back on and guide you through your training.

Location: Your home or an area outside at prior arrangement

Date: Monday, Wednesday or Friday

Time: Appointments available between 10am and 4pm

If these times are not possible, please contact us to discuss further.

Duration: Up to two hours


  • Travel to and from your home (up to 10 miles distance from Skipton is included, over 10 miles is charged at 45p per mile e.g 20 miles would be £4.50 each way).
  • Consultation for up to two hours.
  • Comprehensive notes of everything discussed and trained.

Cost: £150 + travel expenses (where applicable)


One to One Training – £150*

Booking Fee – £5

*Terms and Conditions Apply