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Tamsin was recommended to me by my dog walkers. They had heard very good reviews about her training.

I have a very naughty Lurcher girl who is 2 ½ years old called Violet. Violet was a stray and she came to me aged 1.

I had a behaviourist for Violet before Tamsin but I was not totally at ease in her company. Tamsin and I got along straight away and I felt very at ease with her. Violet responded well to Tamsin at her initial assessment. Unfortunately Violet has multiple problems but Tamsin has shown me ways to train Violet and keep her interested and happy.

I am aware that the training will take a long time and will need patience. Violet and I both have a lot to learn and I trust Tamsin to help me developed a strong and happy relationship with Violet.

I would highly recommend Tamsin to others.

Gina Nadal April 7, 2017