Tamsin was recommend to me by a friend, as my German Shepherd puppy had developed a few phobias in life.  I first met with Tamsin in May, as Lola had developed a fear of strangers and having friends round was becoming a concern as Lola was stressed.  At the first meeting Lola was in her crate barking her head off, by the end of the first session with Tamsin Lola had calmed down and had started to build trust with Tamsin.

After several more training sessions with Tamsin, meeting away from the house, Lola gained confidence around Tamsin and accepted her. The proof of this was when Lola allowed Tamsin into the house, let her put her Halti on and take her for a walk.  Now Tamsin regularly walks Lola for me.

Since May we have had weekly training sessions working on Lola’s fears, obedience and commands which have all helped her to build up her confidence.  Lola has also learned a few tricks along the way!  She has been taught ‘Scenting’ which she really loves and provides her with the mental stimulation she requires along with physical exercise.  In fact if we are being honest here it’s not just training Lola, it’s also teaching the owner how to correctly interact and communicate with their dog!

I can’t recommend Tamsin highly enough, the improvement in Lola since May is fantastic.  Lola has now become more confident, she is losing her fears and is now allowing friends into the house and their dogs.  Occasionally when Lola is unsure I now know how to focus her and provide the reassurance she needs.  Lola’s training will continue so she becomes a highly trained and happy dog.

Andy Parkin June 20, 2016

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