Charlotte Johnson

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I approached Tamsin after I saw her pictures of her dog and the awards. I have a Springerdor puppy (Eli) who is 10 weeks old and bonkers! I initially started with another trainer and found that I wasn’t sure and didn’t feel so comfortable with the tools they had given me to work with Eli and he didn’t seem too happy either.

I messaged Tamsin over Facebook and she responded immediately. She arranged a consultation and first session and really took the time to understand what me and my husband needed from the training. She didn’t tell us what to do she asked what we wanted the dog to/ not to do and then put together a plan. We have begun implementing the first set of training ( crate training , house training and how to show Eli not to bite ) and we have seen results so quickly!

He’s not biting as much and is learning to release, his house training is 60% there and the crate training is working much better than what we did before!

I’m so pleased and will continue training and asking for advice from Tamsin going forwards, thank you Tamsin!

Charlotte Johnson, May 25, 2015

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